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  • What happens if it rains?
    If it rains we can still host the event, the name of the game is WATER WARS:) In the event of lightning the party will be pro-rated to the amount of time played. When scheduling permits, the time not played due to weather postponement may be added to the end of the party to fulfill amount of time indicated on the invoice. If no time is played due to poor weather (even if Stealth has set up the entire battlefield) we will reschedule the date of your party on whatever date host requests within 1 yr. of date of party (subject to availability) and we will apply the deposit you initially paid to the newly scheduled event
  • How long does each game take?
    Each game takes anywhere from 4-10 minutes. With the exception of domination which can last up to 15 minutes.
  • Do I tip the game coach, if so how much?"
    Tipping is not neccesary but it is greatly appreciated. Our game coaches do provide a service and try to go above and beyond to supply you with the best event or party possible. If you feel as if one of our game coaches did a great job we find the average tip will range from 10-20% of the entire bill.
  • Will the water hurt the players eyes?
    No, all players must wear goggles or glasses.
  • How many players can play on the field at once?
    We can have up to 150 players on the field at one time.
  • What if I need to reschedule?
    Stealth Mobile Laser Tag operates based on scheduled appointments. When a customer has an appointment scheduled, this is a confirmation that the event will take place both on behalf of the customer as well as SMLT. By having the event scheduled, this eliminates another customer from booking their event during the same time frame, thus blocking out the possibility of SMLT from bringing in revenue for that time slot. Stealth has a strict NO refund policy. If an event is canceled with at least 14 days prior to the event with a written notice, the host can reschedule the event and use the entire deposit towards the next event at no cost to the host. If there is a cancellation within 13 days of the event of the event, the host will have to pay a cancelation fee of 25% of the entire party price and the rest of the monies can be applied to a future event. If there is a cancellation within 6 days of the event, the host will forfeit the entire deposit. This excludes cancellation due to weather
  • Do you host parties at night?
    We can but we don't recommend it. This is more of a daytime activity.
  • What do I need to set up an event at a park?
    We recommend contacting the parks and recreation department. If the city needs proof of insurance we can provide that. Stealth has relationships with several parks in the area, if you need a place to set up we may be able to help you with some suggestions. The park will need to have access to water within 50 feet of the area we are setting up at. If it is further than 50 feet you will need to supply your own hoses to compensate and have them ready upon arrival or let us know ahead of time and pay extra to have more equipment brought out.
  • What is the youngest player allowed to play?
    We recommend 5 and up for the missions but some 3-4 year are able to use the smaller guns we bring out. As long as the kids follow the rules we would love to have them out on the field!
  • What kind of surfaces can you set up on?
    This is a grass only activity only for safety.
  • How big of an area do I need for the playing field?
    We recommend a minimum area of 50"X50" but can be any variation similiar to. EX: 70"X30" or 100" X 25", etc... The more players/laser tag guns on the field the more area we need.
  • Can I add additional hours the day of the event?
    Additional hours may be booked the day of the event if our schedule permits. It is best to book additional hours before the event.
  • Is water wars dangerous?
    Water wars is safe, but like any active sport there is a potential for injury. The Stealth team works very hard to keep everyone safe while making sure they have the time of their lives.
  • How do we pay you?
    We accept checks, cash, and all major credit or debit cards as payment at the time of the party. Deposits will be paid with credit or debit cards.
  • I'm another party service: Can I book Stealth for my clients?
    Stealth has specific policis when working with third-party vendors services. Please contact us.
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