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Capture the Flag

Place one flag on each team's base. Bring the flag back without getting wiped out by the other team and win the game.








Last Man Standing

Every man for himself. 


King of the Hill

This is by far the fastest paced game Stealth has to offer!  This action packed adventure mission is sure to be a big hit at any event.  We put a box directly in the middle of the field.  When the whistle is blown both teams go full steam ahead to try to dominate the box. When your team shoots it, it will illuminate the color of your team.  Whichever team can dominate the box the longest in a 10 minute time span wins the game.  













Attack & Defend




One player on each team is designated as a traitor by the field marshal. After the traitor is "activated" he switches over to the other team and starts to attack his former teammates. 1-5 minutes into the game the game master shouts a select word to activate the traitor.


Team Elimination

Two teams enter the battlefield, but only one team leaves victorious.




Two players start on one side of the battlefield, the other start at the other side.  The humans have to make it to the zombies base without getting tagged out. If they get tagged out they become a zombie and begin attacking humans as well. The mission repeats itself over and over again until there is only one human left. That is the winner.




All Vs 2 Juggernauts. Juggernauts have 5 lives and infinity ammo. This is great for parties with extremely dominant players.  Parents are also make great juggernauts.



Down But Not Out

Fight to be the first team to eliminate the other players before they respawn. The game ends when all members of a team tagged out.



Freeze Tag

This is one of our newest and most popular games. Its freeze tag with a twist.  Take out your opponent and they have to freeze where they  are.  They can only be unfrozen when tagged by someone not frozen on their team.  First team to freeze the other team wins.


One team must eliminate a specific person V.I.P. (Birthday boy/girl or guest of honor) on the opposite team, that person’s identity may be known or hidden. The other team must transfer a single player to a specific location. If the V.I.P. makes it to the destination the V.I.P.'s team wins, if he is eliminated the other team wins. We associate the V.I.P. as the President and the people protecting them as the secret service.  The attackers are terrorist ambushing the group.

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