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Our taggers are top of the line and equipped with several options. The options on the taggers are just one of the many things that will make Stealth Mobile Laser Tag the best laser tag experience you and your group have ever experienced. 

























Here are some of the state of the art features on our taggers:

  •  Sounds

  • Milsim - ( Machine Gun Sound)

  • Sci-Fi - (Sounds like a lightsaber)

  • Sniper Mode - (Sounds like a gun with a silencer on it)

  • Live interactive scoring built into every laser tag gun

  • Kill streaks tracked per each game

  • KD ratio 

  • Medic modes

  •  Red Dot Scope 

  • Tagger distance is programmable - They can shoot from 10 ft all the way up to 1000 ft.


  •  They have adjustable stocks


  • The taggers can be set on team play or friendly fire depending on skill levels


  • The Taggers are set to have 40 round magazine and will run out of lasers. There is a reload button on the side of the tagger you must use when lasers gets low or runs out.


  • Depending on skill level you can put a limit on number of clips a player has. For younger groups we set the taggers up with unlimited clips. For more skilled players we suggest 5-10 clips depending on the mission that take place.

  • Another advanced feature for skilled players is the barrel overheat feature. Similar to a real weapon if someone has a heavy trigger finger and just keeps shooting round for round with no break, the laser tag gun will go into overheat mode. Once in overheat mode the gun will shut down for 3-5 seconds as if cooling down. FOR THIS FEATURE ADDRESS THE FIELD MARSHAL DURING YOUR INITIAL TALK.




Stealth Mobile Laser Tag
Stealth Mobile Laser Tag
Stealth Mobile Laser Tag
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